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The reason of colonization on five century ago by Netherland and Portuguise in an Island of “Nusa Nipa” ( or now “ Flores” is Portuguise given name), modernization, and changes within community group have played a large role in the decline of textile traditions throughout the island of Flores.

In the island of Flores, Ikat Woven is a tradition. It is the symbol of maturity of women. There are many philosophies that were taken from this great activity, patience, thoroughness, perseverance, independence, and even strenghtness.It takes months to complete one piece through 25 steps on the whole process. Each motif have their own story about life, love, and how the women respect for themselves, uphold their dignity as a noble women for her family and God....read more


Workshop : Sentra Tenun Ikat Lepo Lorun - STILL
Women's Weavers Cooperative of Lepo Lorun
Jl. Soverdi, Nita Pleat, Desa Nita
Kabupaten Sikka, Pulau Flores, Propinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur.Indonesia 86152
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